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Complete List of Extremophilic & Extremotolerant Prokaryotes


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Acidophiles: This group includes organisms capable of thriving in hyperacidic conditions, most of which have an optimal growth pH of 5 or lower (OGpH<5)

Hyperacidotolerant, near-acidophilic neutriphiles: This group includes organisms that have an OGpH slightly above this (e.g., Nanoarchaeum equitans, OGpH=6) but can nonetheless be found flourishing in hyperacidic environments (pH=0.5-1.5).

Taxonomic/Phylogenetic Overview of Extremophilic Genera

Domain: Archaea
Kingdom: Proteoarchaeota
Superphylum: TACK group
Phylum: Thaumarchaeota
Class: Nitrososphaeria (14x; 14-acido)
Order: Nitrosopumilales
Family: Nitrosopumilaceae (10x; 10-acido)
Genus: Candidatus Nitrosoarchaeum (2x; 2-acido)
Genus: Nitrosopumilus (8x; 8-acido)
Order: Nitrososphaerales
Family: Nitrososphaeraceae(4x; 4-acido)
Genus: Candidatus Nitrosocosmicus (1x; 1-acido)
Genus: Candidatus Nitrososphaera (3x; 3-acido)
Class: Incertae sedis
Order: Incertae sedis
Family: Incertae sedis
Genus: Candidatus Nitrosopelagicus (1x; 1-acido)
Class: Incertae sedis
Order: Incertae sedis
Family: Incertae sedis
Genus: Candidatus Nitrosotalea (4x; 4-acido)
Class: Incertae sedis
Order: Incertae sedis
Family: Incertae sedis
Genus: Candidatus Nitrosotenuis (3x; 3-acido;)
Phylum: Crenarchaeota
Class: Thermoprotei
Order: Desulfurococcales
Family: Desulfurococcacae
Genus: Aeropyrum (2x; 2-thermo)
Family: Pyrodictiacae
Genus: Geogemma (1x; 1-thermo)
Genus: Pyrolobus (1x; 1-thermo)
Order: Sulfolobales
Family: Sulfobaceae
Genus: Acidianus (10x; 10-thermoacido)
Genus: Metallosphaera (5x; 5-acido)
Genus: Stygiolobus (1x; 1-thermoacido)
Genus: Sulfolobus (45x; 45-thermo, 13-acido, 13-thermoacido)
Genus: Sulfurisphaera (1x; 1-acido)
Genus: Sulfurococcus (3x; 3-acido)
Class: Incertae sedis
Order: Cenarchaeales
Family: Cenarchaeaceae
Genus: Cenarchaeum (1x; 1-acido)
Kingdom: Archaea Incertae sedis → DPANN group
Superphylum: DPANN group
Phylum: Candidatus Diapherotrites
Class: Diapherotrites Incertae sedis → Iainarchaeum
Order: Diapherotrites Incertae sedis → Iainarchaeum
Family: Diapherotrites Incertae sedis → Iainarchaeum
Genus: Iainarchaeum (1x; 1-acido)
Phylum: Aenigmarchaeota
Class: (unnamed?)
Order: Aenigmarchaeales
Family: (unnamed?)
Genus: Aenigmarchaeum (1x; 1-acido)
Phylum: Nanoarchaeota
Class: (unnamed?)
Order: Nanoarchaeales
Family: Nanoarchaeaceae
Genus: Nanoarchaeum (1x; 1-thermo, 1-acido, 1-thermoacido)
Family: Nanopusillaceae
Genus: Nanobsidianus (1x; 1-thermo, 1-acido, 1-thermoacido)
Genus: Nanopusillus (1x; 1-thermo, 1-acido, 1-thermoacido)
Phylum: Incertae sedis
Class: Incertae sedis
Order: Incertae sedis
Family: Incertae sedis
Genus: Candidatus Mancarchaeum (1x; 1-acido)
Phylum: Candidatus Micrarchaeota
Class: Incertae sedis
Order: Incertae sedis
Family: Incertae sedis
Genus: Candidatus Micrarchaeum (1x; 1-acido)
Phylum: Candidatus Parvarchaeota
Class: Incertae sedis
Order: Incertae sedis
Family: Incertae sedis
Genus: Candidatus Parvarchaeum (2x; 2-acido)
Kingdom: Archaea Incertae sedis → euryarchaeota
Superphylum: Archaea Incertae sedis → euryarchaeota
Phylum: Euryarchaeota
Subphylum: Incertae sedis
Class: Archaeoglobi
Order: Archaeoglobales
Family: Archaeoglobaceae
Genus: Archaeoglobus (5x; 5-thermo)
Subphylum: Stenosarchaea
Class: Stenosarchaea Incertae sedis
Order: Candidatus Nanohaloarchaeota
Family: Nanohaloarchaea
Genus: Haloredivivus (1x; 1-haloacido)
Genus: Nanosalina (1x; 1-thermohaloacido)
Genus: Nanosalinarum (1x; 1-haloacido)
Class: Halobacteria
Order: Halobacteriales
Family: Haloarculaceae
Genus: Haloarcula (7x; 7-halo)
Genus: Halomicrobium (3x; 3-halo)
Genus: Halorhabdus (?-halo)
Genus: Halorientalis (?-halo)
Genus: Halosimplex (?-halo)
Genus: Natronomonas (6x; 6-halo, 1-alkali, 1-haloalkali)
Family: Halobacteriaceae
Genus: Haladaptatus (4x; 4-halo)
Genus: Halalkalicoccus (2x; 2-alkali, 2-halo, 2-haloalkali)
Genus: Halarchaeum (1x; 1-acido, 1-halo, 1-haloacido)
Genus: Haloalcalophilium (1x; 1-alkali, 1-halo, 1-haloalkali)
Genus: Halobacterium (4x; 4-halo, 4-radio)
Genus: Halomarina (3x; 3-halo)
Genus: Halorussus (?-halo)
Genus: Natronoarchaeum (4x; 4-halo)
Genus: Salarchaeum (1x; 1-halo)
Family: Halococceae
Genus: Halococcus
Order: Haloferacales
Family: Haloferacaceae
Genus: Halobellus (9x; 9-halo)
Genus: Haloferax (14x; 14-halo)
Genus: Halopelagius (3x; 3-halo)
Genus: Haloplanus (9x; 9-halo)
Genus: Haloquadratum (1x; 1-halo)
Family: Halorubraceae
Genus: Halobaculum (3x; 3-halo)
Genus: Halogeometricum (1x; 1-halo)
Genus: Halogranum (4x; 4-halo)
Genus: Halolamina (6x; 6-halo)
Genus: Halonotius (4x; 4-halo)
Genus: Halorubrum (37x; 1-alkali, 1-haloalkali, 37-halo)
Order: Natrialbales
Family: Natrialbaceae
Genus: Halobiforma (3x; 3-halo)
Genus: Halopiger (6x; 6-halo)
Genus: Halostagnicola (?x; ?-halo)
Genus: Haloterrigena (?x; ?-halo)
Genus: Halovivax (?x; ?-halo)
Genus: Natrarchaeobaculum (1x, 1-halo)
Genus: Natrialba (7x; 1-thermo, 1-baro, 1-thermobaro, 1-alkali, 1-acido, 1-alkaliacido, 6-halo, 7-radio, 7-hypobaro, 7-cryo, 7-xero, 7-cryohypobaroxero)
Genus: Natrinema (7x; 7-halo)
Genus: Natronobacterium (2x; 2-halo, 1-haloalkali, 1-alkali)
Genus: Natronococcus (4x; 4-halo, 3-haloalkali, 3-alkali)
Genus: Natronolimnohabitans (1x; 1-halo)
Genus: Natronolimnobius (1x; 1-halo)
Genus: Natronorubrum (1x; 1-halo)
Class: Methanomicrobia
Order: Methanomicrobiales
Family: Methanomicrobiaceae
Genus: Methanogenium (?x; ?-thermo)
Order: Methanosarcinales
Family: Methanosarcinaceae
Genus: Methanococcoides (?x; ?-thermo)
Genus: Methanosarcina (?x; ?-thermo)
Subphylum: Incertae sedis
Class: Methanococci
Order: Methacoccales
Family: Methanococcaceae
Genus: Methanocaldococcus (2x; 1-thermo, ?**)
Subphylum: Incertae sedis
Class: Methanopyri
Order: Methanopyrales
Family: Methanopyraceae
Genus: Methanopyrus (1x; 1-thermo)
Subphylum: Incertae sedis
Class: Thermococci
Order: Thermococcales
Family: Thermococcaceae
Genus: Pyrococcus (6x; 6-thermo, 6-radio, 2-baro, 2-radiothermobaro)
Genus: Thermococcus (38x; 38-thermo, 38-radio, 5-baro, 1-acido, 2-alkali)
Subphylum: Incertae sedis
Class: Thermoplasmata
Order: Methanomassiliicoccales
Family: Methanomassiliicoccaceae
Genus: Methanomassiliicoccus (?x; ?-acido)
Order: Thermoplasmatales
Family: Cuniculiplasmaceae
Genus: Cuniculiplasma (1x; 1-acido)
Family: Ferroplasmaceae
Genus: Acidiplasma (2x; 2-acido)
Genus: Ferroplasma (4x; 4-acido)
Family: Picrophilaceae
Genus: Picrophilus (2x; 2-acido)
Family: Thermoplasmataceae
Genus: Thermoplasma (2x; 2-acido)
Family: Incertae sedis
Genus: Thermogymnomonas (?x; 1-acido)

Domain: Bacteria
Kingdom: Fibrobacteres/Chlorobi/Bacteroidetes group
Superphylum: Bacteroides/Chlorobi group
Phylum: Bacteroidetes
Class: Bacteroidia
Order: Bacteroidales
Family: Bacteroidaceae
Genus: Bacteroides (39x; 39-cryo)
Class: Cytophagia
Order: Cytophagales
Family: Cytophagaceae
Genus: Cytophaga (1x; 1-cryo)
Kingdom: Terrabacteria
Phylum: Actinobacteria
Class: Acidimicrobiia
Order: Acidimicrobiales
Family: Acidimicrobiaceae
Genus: Acidiferrimicrobium (1x; 1-acido)
Genus: Acidimicrobium (1x; 1-acido)
Genus: Ferrimicrobium (2x; 2-acido)
Class: Actinomycetia
Order: Micrococcales
Family: Brevibacteriaceae
Genus: Brevibacterium (36x; 36-cryo)
Family: Microbacteriaceae
Genus: Cryobacterium (7x; 7-cryo)
Family: Micrococcaceae
Genus: Arthrobacter (54x; 54-cryo, ?1-hypergeo?)
Class: Rubrobacteria
Order: Rubrobacterales
Family: Rubrobacteraceae
Genus: Rubrobacter (8x; 8-radio)
Phylum: Cyanobacteria/Melainabacteria group
Class: Cyanobacteria
Order: Chroococcidiopsidales
Family: Chroococcidiopsidaceae
Genus: Chroococcidiopsis (?-radiocryo+?)
Phylum: Deinococcota (formerly Deinococcus-Thermus)
Class: Deinococci
Order: Deinococcales
Family: Deinococcaceae
Genus: Deinococcus (85x; 85-cryo, 85-hypobaro, 85-xero, 85-radio, ?85+)
Phylum: Firmicutes
Class: Bacilli
Order: Bacillales
Family: Alicyclobacillaceae
Genus: Alicyclobacillus (1x; 1-thermo, 1-acido, 1-thermoacido, 1-spore)
Family: Bacillaceae
Genus: Bacillus (91x; 91-spore, 6-thermo, 1-acido, ?-thermoacido?)
Genus: Virgibacillus (34x; 34-spore, 9-halo)
Family: Incertae sedis
Genus: Exiguobacterium (?-hypobaro)
Class: Clostridia
Order: Eubacteriales
Family: Clostridiaceae
Genus: Anoxynatronum (1x; 1-alkali)
Genus: Clostridium (155x; 155-spore)
Family: Peptococcaceae
Genus: Desulfotomaculum (31x; 31-spore, 17-thermo, 1-alkali, 3-halo, ?-poly?)
Family: Incertae sedis
Genus: Sulfobacillus (5x; 5-acido, 5-spore)
Kingdom: Bacteria Incertae sedis → acidobacteria/acidobacteriota
Phylum: Acidobacteria/acidobacteriota
Class: Acidobacteriia
Order: Acidobacteriales
Family: Acidobacteriaceae
Genus: Acidobacterium (2x; 2-acido)
Genus: Bryocella (1x; 1-acido)
Genus: Telmatobacter (1x; 1-acido)
Kingdom: Bacteria Incertae sedis → aquificae
Phylum: Aquificae
Class: Aquificidae
Order: Aquificales
Family: Aquifaceae
Genus: Aquifex (2x; 2-thermo)
Genus: Hydrogenobacter (3x; 3-thermo, 2-acido, 2-thermoacido)
Genus: Hydrogenobaculum (1x; 1-thermo, 1-acido, 1-thermoacido)
Kingdom: Bacteria Incertae sedis → desulfobacteriota
Phylum: Desulfobacteriota
Class: Thermodesulfobacteria
Order: Thermodesulfobacteriales
Family: Thermodesulfobacteriaceae
Genus: Geothermobacterium (1x; 1-thermo)
Kingdom: Bacteria Incertae sedis → nirospirae
Phylum: Nitrospirae
Class: Nitrospira
Order: Nitrospirales
Family: Nitrospiraceae
Genus: Leptospirillum (3x; 3-acido)
Kingdom: Bacteria Incertae sedis → proteobacteria
Phylum: Proteobacteria
Class: Acidithiobacilla
Order: Acidithiobacillales
Family: Acidithiobacillaceae
Genus: Acidithiobacillus (7x; 7-acido)
Class: Alphaproteobacteria
Order: Rhodospirallales
Family: Acetobacteraceae
Genus: Acetobacter (29x; 29-acido)
Genus: Acidiphilium (6x; 6-acido)
Genus: Acidocella (3x; 3-acido)
Genus: Acidomonas (1x; 1-acido)
Order: Hyphomonadales
Family: Hyphomonadaceae
Genus: Hyphomonas (11x; 11-cryo)
Class: Betaproteobacteria
Order: Burkholderiales
Family: Alcaligenaceae
Genus: Achromobacter (22x; 22-cryo)
Genus: Alcaligenes (4x; 4-cryo)
Family: Comamonadaceae
Genus: Thiomonas (1x; 1-acido)
Order: Neisseriales
Family: Chromobacteriaceae
Genus: Aquaspirillum (6x; 6-cryo)
Order: Nitrosomonadales
Family: Gallionellaceae
Genus: Gallionella (1x; 1-acido)
Family: Thiobacillaceae
Genus: Thiobacillus (4x; 4-acido)
Class: Gammaproteobacteria
Order: Alteromonadales
Family: Alteromonadaceae
Genus: Alteromonas (29x; 29-cryo)
Family: Colwelliaceae
Genus: Colwellia (23x; 23-cryo, 23-baro, 23-cryobaro)
Family: Shewanellaceae
Genus: Shewanella (8x; 8+-cryo, 7+-baro, 7+-cryobaro)
Order: Chromatiales
Family: Ectothiorhodospiraceae
Genus: Halorhodospira (1x; 1-alkali, 1-halo, 1-haloalkali)
Genus: Thiohalospira (1x; 1-alkali, 1-haloacido, 1-haloalkali)
Order: Pseudomonadales
Family: Moraxellaceae
Genus: Psychrobacter (35x; 35-cryo, 35-radio)
Family: Pseudomonadaceae
Genus: Pseudomonas (5x; 5-cryo)
Clade: Delta/Epsilon subdivisions
Class: Deltaproteobacteria
Order: Desulfobacterales
Family: Desulfobacteraceae
Genus: Desulfobacter (1x; 1-acido)
Genus: Desulfosarcina (1x; 1-acido)
Family: Desulfobulbaceae
Genus: Desulfobulbus (5x; 5-halo)
Order: Desulfovibrionales
Family: Desulfomicrobiaceae
Genus: Desulfomicrobium (2x; 1-thermo, 1-acido+)
Family: Desulfovibrionaceae
Genus: Desulfovibrio (3x; 1-thermo, 1-acido, 1-halo)
Class: Epsilonproteobacteria
Order: Campylobacterales
Family: Helicobacteraceae
Genus: Helicobacter (1x; 1-acido)
Kingdom: Bacteria Incertae sedis → thermotogae
Phylum: Thermotogae
Class: ???
Order: Thermotogales
Family: Thermotogaceae
Genus: Thermotoga (11x; 11-thermo)

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