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Planet X-Philes: Bacteria

Hypergeophilic & Hypergeotolerant Archaea

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List of Hypergeophilic & Hypergeotolerant Bacterial Genera

Genera containing thermophilic and hyperthermotolerant organisms are marked with an asterisk (*)

Genera containing barophilic and hyperbarotolerant organisms are marked with two asterisks (**)

Genera containing thermobarophilic and hyperthermbarotolerant organisms are marked with three asterisks (***)

Genera containing acidophilic and hyperacidotolerant organisms are marked with a dagger (†)

Genera containing halophilic and hyperhalotolerant organisms are marked with two daggers (††)

Genera containing haloacidophilic and hyperhaloacidotolerant organisms are marked with three daggers (†††)

Genera containing alkaliphilic and hyperalkalitolerant organisms are marked with a double dagger (‡)

Genera containing thermoacidophilic and hyperthermoacidotolerant organisms are marked with an asterisk and a dagger (*†)

Genera containing thermoalkaliphilic and hyperthermoalkalitolerant organisms are marked with asterisk and a double dagger (*‡)

Genera marked with an asterisk and a degree sign (*°) contain endospore-forming polyextremotolerant organisms. Bacterial endospores tend to give the bacteria capable of producing them polyextremotolerance. Endospores are known for being able to survive extremely high doses of radiation, vacuum dessication, extreme heat and cold, lack of nutrients, and in some cases even the passage of hundreds of millions of years (for example, Bacillus strain 2-9-3 was revived by scientists from 250-million-year-old spores (Vreeland, 2000); for comparison, the first dinosaurs began appearing about 220 MYA — 30 million years later). Although these endospore-forming bacteria can survive a variety of harsh conditions, endospore-formation is not done for reproduction, as with fungal spore formation, but is instead a last-ditch effort to survive conditions the bacterium would not otherwise be able to, which means these critters aren’t true polyextremophiles, because they don’t (necessarily) actually grow better in extreme conditions, and in their endospore form don’t even grow at all.

Described genera
Genus Source
* Aquifex ?
Bacillus ?
Clostridium ?
* Geothermobacterium ?
* Thermotoga ?

List of Hypergeophilic & Hypergeotolerant Bacterial Species

Cryophilic and cryotolerant organisms are marked with an asterisk (*)

Described Species
Genus & Species Source
* Aquifex aeolicus Deckert &al., 1998
* Aquifex pyrophilus Huber & Stetter, 1992
Bacillus acidicola Albert &al. 2005
Bacillus aerius Shivaji &al., 2014
Bacillus aerophilus Shivaji &al., 2006
Bacillus albus Liu &al., 2017
Bacillus altitudinis Shivaji &al., 2006
Bacillus alveayuensis Bae &al., 2005
Bacillus amyloliquefaciens (Fukumoto, 1943) Priest &al., 1987
Bacillus anthracis (Anthrax) Cohn, 1872
Bacillus aquiflavi Xie &al., 2020
Bacillus atrophaeus Nakamura, 1989
Bacillus australimaris Liu &al., 2016
Bacillus badius Batchelor, 1919
Bacillus benzoevorans Pichinoty &al., 1987
Bacillus cabrialesii de Los Santos Villalobos &al., 2019
Bacillus canaveralius Newcombe &al., 2009
Bacillus capparidis Wang &al., 2017
Bacillus cereus Frankland & Frankland, 1887
Bacillus chungangensis Cho &al., 2010
Bacillus cahuilensisereus Cerritos &al., 2008
Bacillus cytotoxicus Guinebretiere &al., 2013
Bacillus decisifrondis Zhang &al., 2007
Bacillus ectoiniformans Zhu &al., 2016
Bacillus enclensis Dastager &al., 2014
Bacillus fengquiuensis Zhao &al., 2014
Bacillus fungorum Liu &al., 2020
Bacillus glycinifermentans Kim &al., 2015
Bacillus gobiensisectoiniformans Liu &al., 2016
Bacillus halotolerans (Delaporte & Sasson, 1967) Tindall &al., 2017
Bacillus heynesii Dunlap &al., 2017
Bacillus horti Yumoto &al., 1998
Bacillus inaquosorum (Rooney &al., 2009) Dunlap &al., 2020
Bacillus infantis Ko &al., 2006
Bacillus infernus Boone &al., 1995
Bacillus isabeliae Albuquerque &al., 2008
Bacillus kexueae Sun &al., 2018
Bacillus licheniformis (Weigmann, 1898) Chester, 1901
Bacillus luti Liu &al., 2017
Bacillus manusensis Sun &al., 2018
Bacillus marinisedimentorum Guo &al., 2018
Bacillus mesophilus Manickam &al., 2014
Bacillus methanolicus Arfman &al., 1992
Bacillus mobilis Liu &al., 2017
Bacillus mojavensis Roberts &al., 1994
Bacillus mycoides Flugge &al., 1886
Bacillus nakamurai Dunlap &al., 2016
Bacillus ndiopicus Lo &al., 2017
Bacillus nitratireducens Guo &al., 2016
Bacillus oleivorans Azmatunnisa &al., 2015
Bacillus pacificus Liu &al., 2017
Bacillus pakistanensis Roohi &al., 2014
Bacillus paralicheniformis Dunlap &al., 2015
Bacillus paramycoides Liu &al., 2017
Bacillus paranthracis Liu &al., 2017
Bacillus pervagus Kosowski &al., 2014
Bacillus priscicola Lee &al., 2016
Bacillus proteolyticus Liu &al., 2017
Bacillus pseudomycoides Nakamura, 2018
Bacillus pumilus Meyer & Gottheil, 1901
Bacillus safensis Satomi &al., 2006
Bacillus salacetis Daroonpunt &al., 2019
Bacillus salinus Kang &al., 2020
Bacillus salitolerans Zhang &al., 2015
Bacillus seohaeanensis Lee &al., 2006
Bacillus siamensis Sumpavapol &al., 2010
Bacillus shivajii Kumar &al., 2018
Bacillus smithii Nakamura &al., 1988
Bacillus solimangrovi Lee &al., 2014
Bacillus songklensis Kang &al., 2013
Bacillus sonoresnis Palmisano &al., 2001
Bacillus spizizenii (Nakamura &al., 1999) Dunlap &al., 2020
Bacillus spongiae Lee &al., 2019
Bacillus stercoris (Adelskov & Patel, 2017) Dunlap &al., 2020
Bacillus stratosphericus Shivaji &al., 2006
Bacillus subtilis (Ehrenberg 1835) Cohn 1872
Bacillus swezeyi Dunlap &al., 2017
Bacillus taeanensis Lim &al., 2006
Bacillus tamaricis Zhang &al., 2018
Bacillus tequilensis Gatson &al., 2006
Bacillus thermocloacae Demharter & Hensel, 1989
Bacillus thermotolerans Yang &al., 2013
Bacillus thuringiensis Burlinger, 1915
Bacillus tianshenii Jiang &al., 2014
Bacillus toyonensis Jimenez &al., 2014
Bacillus tropicus Liu &al., 2017
Bacillus vallismortis Roberts &al., 1996
Bacillus velezensis Ruis-Garcia &al., 2005
Bacillus wiedmannii Miller &al., 2016
Bacillus wudalienchiensis Liu &al., 2017
Bacillus xiamenensis Lai &al., 2014
Bacillus xiapuensis Liu &al., 2019
Bacillus zhangzhouensis Liu &al., 2016
Bacillus sp. Schuerger & Nicholson, 2016
Clostridium aceticum Wieringa, 1940
Clostridium acetireducens Orlygsson &al., 1996
Clostridium acetobutylicum McCoy &al., 1926
Clostridium acidisoli Kuhner &al., 2000
Clostridium aestuarii Kim &al., 2007
Clostridium akagii Kuhner &al., 2000
Clostridium algidicarnis Lawson &al., 1995
Clostridium algifaecis Wu &al., 2014
Clostridium algoriphilum Shcherbakova &al., 2010
Clostridium amazonense O’Neal &al., 2015
Clostridium aminophilum Paster &al., 1993
Clostridium amylolyticum Song & Dong, 2008
Clostridium arbusti Jung &al., 2010
Clostridium arcticum Jordan & McNicol, 1979
Clostridium argentinense Suen &al., 1988
Clostridium atrophaeus Nakamura, 1989
Clostridium aurantibutyricum Hellinger, 1944
Clostridium baratii Prevot, 1938
Clostridium beihaiense Dong &al., 2018
Clostridium beijerinckii Donker, 1926
Clostridium bornimense Hahnke &al., 2014
Clostridium botulinum van Ermengem, 1896
Clostridium bovifaecis Zhu &al., 2018
Clostridium bowmanii Spring &al., 2003
Clostridium budayi Le Blaye, 1914
Clostridium butyricum Prazmowski, 1880
Clostridium cadaveris Klein, 1899
Clostridium carboxidivorans Liou &al., 2005
Clostridium carnis Klein, 1904
Clostridium cavendishii Bowman &al., 2010
Clostridium celatum Hauschild & Holdeman, 1974
Clostridium cellulosi He &al., 1991
Clostridium cellulovorans Sleat &al., 1985
Clostridium chartatabidum Kelly &al., 1996
Clostridium chauvoei Arloing &al., 1887
Clostridium chromiireducens Inglett, 2011
Clostridium clostridioforme Burri & Ankersmit, 1906
Clostridium cochlearium Douglas, 1919
Clostridium cocleatum Kaneuchi &al., 1979
Clostridium colicanis Greetham &al., 2003
Clostridium colinum Berkhoff &al., 1974
Clostridium collagenovorans Jain & Zeikus, 1988
Clostridium combesii Prevot & Laplanche, 1947
Clostridium composti Shin &al., 2018
Clostridium cylindrosporum Barker & Beck, 1942
Clostridium disporicum Horn, 1987
Clostridium drakei Liou &al., 2005
Clostridium estertheticum Collins &al., 1993
Clostridium fallax Weinberg & Seguin, 1915
Clostridium felsineum Carbone & Tombolato, 1917
Clostridium fermenticellae Xu &al., 2019
Clostridium fessum Seo &al., 2020
Clostridium fimetarium Kotsyurbenko &al., 1997
Clostridium formicaceticum Andreesen &al., 1970
Clostridium frigidicarnus Broda &al., 1999
Clostridium frigoris Spring &al., 2003
Clostridium ganghwense Kim &al., 2006
Clostridium gasigenes Broda &al., 2000
Clostridium granti Mountfort &al., 1996
Clostridium guangxiense Zhao &al., 2017
Clostridium haemolyticum Hall, 1929
Clostridium halophilum Fendrich &al., 1991
Clostridium herbivorans Varel &al., 1995
Clostridium hiranonis Kitahara &al., 2001
Clostridium histolyticum
(not very thermotolerant; OGT=60°C)
Weinberg & Seguin, 1916
Clostridium homopropionicum Dorner & Schink, 1991
Clostridium huakuii Ruan &al., 2014
Clostridium hydrogeniformans Bowman &al., 2010
Clostridium hylemonae Kitahara &al., 2000
Clostridium indicum
(extremotolerant mesophile, OGT=37°C)
Gundawar &al., 2019
Clostridium innocuum Smith & King, 1962
Clostridium intestinale Lee &al., 1989
Clostridium irregulare Choukevitch, 1911
Clostridium isatidis Padden &al., 1999
Clostridium jeddahense Lagier &al., 2016
Clostridium kluyveri Barker & Taha, 1942
Clostridium lacusfryxellense Spring &al., 2003
Clostridium leptum Moore &al., 1976
Clostridium liquoris Yin &al., 2016
Clostridium ljungdahlii Tanner &al., 1993
Clostridium lundense Cirne &al., 2006
Clostridium luticellarii Wang &al., 2015
Clostridium magnum Schink, 1984
Clostridium malenominatum Weinberg &al., 1937
Clostridium methoxybenzovorans Mechichi &al., 1999
Clostridium methylpentosum Himelbloom & Canale-Parola, 1989
Clostridium moniliforme Repaci, 1910
Clostridium neonatale Bernard &al., 2018
Clostridium neuense Zhao &al., 2017
Clostridium nexile Holdeman & Moore, 1974
Clostridium nitritogenes Prevot, 1940
Clostridium nitrophenolicum Suresh &al., 2007
Clostridium novyi Migula, 1900
Clostridium oceanicum Smith, 1970
Clostridium oryzae Horino &al., 2015
Clostridium pabulibutyricum Kobayashi &al., 2017
Clostridium paradoxum Li &al., 1993
Clostridium paraputrificum Bienstock, 1906
Clostridium pascui Wilde &al., 1997
Clostridium pasteurianum Winogradsky, 1985
Clostridium peptidovorans Mechichi &al., 2000
Clostridium perfringens
(formerly C. welchii)
Veillon & Zuber, 1898
Clostridium phytofermentans Warnick &al., 2002
Clostridium piliforme Tyzzer, 1917
Clostridium polyendosporum Duda &al., 1996
Clostridium polysaccharolyticum van Glyswyk, 1981
Clostridium populeti Sleat & Mah, 1985
Clostridium prolinivorans Huang &al., 2020
Clostridium psychrophilum Spring &al., 2003
Clostridium punense Lanjekar &al., 2015
Clostridium puniceam Lund &al., 1981
Clostridium putrefaciens McBryde, 1911
Clostridium quinii Svensson &al., 1995
Clostridium ramosum Veillon & Zuber, 1898
Clostridium roseum McCoy & McClung, 1935
Clostridium saccharobutylicum Kleis &al., 2001
Clostridium saccharogumia Clavel &al., 2007
Clostridium saccharoperbutylacetonicum Kleis &al., 2001
Clostridium sardiniense
(aka Clostridium absonum
Prevot, 1938
Clostridium sartagoforme Partansky & Henry, 1935
Clostridium saudiense Angelakis &al., 2016
Clostridium scidens Morris &al., 1985
Clostridium senagelense Mishra &al., 2015
Clostridium septicum Macé, 1889
Clostridium spiroforme Kaneuchi &al., 1979
Clostridium sporogenes Metchnikoff, 1908
Clostridium sporosphaeroides Soriano & Soriano, 1948
Clostridium subterminale Hall & Whitehead, 1927
Clostridium sulfidigenes Sallam & Steinbuchel, 2009
Clostridium swellfunianum Liu &al., 2015
Clostridium symbiosum Stevens, 1956
Clostridium tagluense Suetin &al., 2009
Clostridium tarantellae (Udey &al., 1977) Lawson & Rainey, 2016
Clostridium tepidiprofundi Slobodkina &al., 2008
Clostridium tepidum Dobritsa &al., 2017
Clostridium tertium (Henry, 1917) Bergey &al., 1923
Clostridium tetani (Flugge, 1886) Bergey &al., 1923
Clostridium tetanomorphum (Bulloch &al., 1919) Wilde &al., 1989
Clostridium thermarum Liu &al., 2021
Clostridium thermoalcaliphilum Li &al., 1994
Clostridium thermobutyricum Weigel &al., 1989
Clostridium thermopalmarium Soh &al., 1991
Clostridium thermopapyrolyticum Mendez &al., 1991
Clostridium thermosaccharolyticum McClung, 1935
Clostridium thermosuccinogenes Drent &al., 1995
Clostridium thermosulfurigenes Schink & Zeikus, 1983
Clostridium thiosulfatireducens Hernandez-Euginio &al., 2002
Clostridium tyrobutyricum van Beynum & Pette, 1935
Clostridium uliginosum Matthies &al., 2001
Clostridium villosum Love &al., 1979
Clostridium vincentii Mountfort &al., 1997
Clostridium viride Buckel &al., 1995
Clostridium vulturis Paek &al., 2015
* Geothermobacterium ferrireducens ?
* Thermotoga caldifontis ?
* Thermotoga elfii ?
* Thermotoga hypogea ?
* Thermotoga lettingae ?
* Thermotoga maritima ?
* Thermotoga napthophila ?
* Thermotoga neapolitana ?
* Thermotoga petrophila ?
* Thermotoga profunda ?
* Thermotoga subterranea ?
* Thermotoga thermarum ?


Schuerger & Nicholson, 2016.

Nicholson &al., 2013.

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