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The clade Amniota can basically be described as “reptiles”, at least in the more general sense of discussing the evolution of reptiles from amphibians or the evolution of mammals from the mammal-like reptiles. The word reptile can be used either more generally and informally or more specifically than this. The more general and informal sense of the word can include anything perceived as vaguely “reptilian”, including amphibians and often excluding birds. The more formal, precise definition of the word reptile refers specifically to the clade reptilia, which excludes the so-called mammal-like reptiles as well as basal amniotes, but includes birds.

Relevant Terms & Subjects

Herpetology — the study of “reptiles & amphibians”.
“Reptiles & Amphibians” — a term used by petshops and other lay-sources for the collective whole of non-avian, non-mammalian tetrapods.
Class Reptilia — the now-obsolete traditional taxonomic group that includes crocodiles, lizards, snakes, and turtles, but not birds, and is therefore paraphyletic.
Reptile Grade — refers to amniotic tetrapods who, like their pre-amniote ancestors, are still cold-blooded and still have sprawling limbs, in contrast to mammals and birds who have evolved warm-bloodedness and erect limb posture. Functionally ends up meaning roughly the same thing as the obsolete class reptilia.
Clade Reptilia — this group includes the common ancestor of lizards and turtles, and all creatures who evolved from that common ancestor, including crocodiles and birds.
Clade Reptiliomorpha

Extant Reptiles

Clade Sauropsida
(“Dinosaur-like” Reptiles)
Clade Synapsida
(“Mammal-like” Reptiles)



Mammarama: It’s Lactastic — mammalogy, the subdiscipline of herpetology dealing with the lactating land-fish known as “mammals”.

The Primatorium

The Primatorium: Go Primal — primatology, the subdiscipline of mammalogy dealing with the tree rats known as “primates”.

The Hominid Homepage

The Hominid Homepage: For All Your Homo-Needs — palæoanthropology.

Religion & Spirituality

Religion & Spirituality — cultural anthropology.

The Hive

The Hive: Question. Subvert. Resist. — sociology & social ethology.

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