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Eukaryotic Cell Cycle

The Domain Eukaryota / clade eucarya is...

II. Eukaryotic Cell Cycle

II.a. Gap 0 (G0) phase: Quiescence

II.a. Intermitosis/Intermeiosis phase (Interphase)

II.a-1.) Interphase 1: Gap 1 (G1) phase

II.a-2.) Interphase 2: Synthesis (S) phase

II.a-3.) Interphase 3: Gap 2 (G2) phase

II.a. Mitotic (M) phase

Mitosis is not only the primary means of reproduction of unicellular eukaryotes, but also the primary means of growth (including the regrowth of damaged tissues) for the soma, or the somatic cells of multicellular organisms.

II.a-3.) Prophase

II.a-3.) Prometaphase

II.a-3.) Metaphase

II.a-3.) Anaphase

II.a-3.) Telophase

II.a. Meiosis I

II.a-3.) Prophase I

II.a-3.) Metaphase I

II.a-3.) Anaphase I

II.a-3.) Telophase I

II.a. Meiosis II

II.a-3.) Prophase II

II.a-3.) Metaphase II

II.a-3.) Anaphase II

II.a-3.) Telophase II

II.a. Cytokinesis

Immediate Phylogeny

Parent Group

Sister Groups

Daughter Groups

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