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Genesis Panthesis is Back!

We are proud to announce that after a long hiatus from the original Genesis Panthesis website started way back in 1999, Genesis Panthesis is back and now has its own domain! At the present time, all of our contributors are volunteers, of which we currently have very few, all of whom are swamped with other priorities, so progress is slow. If you would like to become a contributor, please contact us.

D. Jon Scott,


Our purpose at Genesis Panthesis is simply to provide accurate, mainstream scientific information to the public, particularly information that bears on our place in the universe, not just as humans but as Earthlings. Subjects we have covered or intend to cover mostly revolve around origins: abiogenesis (the origin of life), eukaryogenesis (origin of eukaryotes), the origin of animals, of vertebrates, of tetrapods, of mammals, of humans, and of religion, language, and culture.

Main Areas

Below are portals via which you can browse the various sections of Genesis Panthesis.

The Sci-Phi Sector

The Sci-Phi Sector — Science & Natural Philosophy

Our Family Tree

Our Family Tree — phylogeny.


X-Philes — extremophiles and extremotolerant organisms.


Eukaryotica: Be enveloped — eukaryology, the subdiscipline of biology dealing with organisms who possess “Cronenberg cells”

The Bone Zone

The Bone Zone: Get boned — osteology, the study of bones, and ichthyology, the subdiscipline of eukaryology dealing with creatures who have bones. Ichthyology generally focuses on the study of non-tetrapod fish.

The Reptile Room

The Reptile Room: it’s reptilicious — herpetology, the subdiscipline of ichthyology dealing with the land-fish known as “tetrapods”. Generally focuses on the study of non-mammalian, non-avian tetrapods.


Mammarama: It’s Lactastic — mammalogy, the subdiscipline of herpetology dealing with the lactating land-fish known as “mammals”.

The Primatorium

The Primatorium: Go Primal — primatology, the subdiscipline of mammalogy dealing with the tree rats known as “primates”.

The Hominid Homepage

The Hominid Homepage: For All Your Homo-Needs — palæoanthropology.

Religion & Spirituality

Religion & Spirituality — cultural anthropology.

The Hive

The Hive: Question. Subvert. Resist. — sociology & social ethology.

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